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Significant changes undergo , Patriotism stays the same


In 1978, the closing of the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee marked the beginning of China's historic journey of reform and opening up.


The year 2018 marks at the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up.


Over the bygone 40 years, China has undergone earth-shaking changes.  It is reform and opening up that has given life and prosperity to China that has turned China from the black-and-white TVs into smart homes, from BP machines into smart phones, from food stamps into mobile payments, from green trains into high-speed trains, etc,. 


Over the last four decades, numerous unremitting entrepreneurs from Beijings overseas Chinese merchants have sprang up, such as Chan Laiwa, Yu Xuewen,Wang Linda, Zhang Shijie, Wang Hanguang, Hong Mingji, Mao Daqing and Zhu Geyun etc,.


Among them are cultivators witnessing the great changes happened to China, as well as front runners who are catching up.  They have been actively supporting and participating in the construction and development of the capital with a determined exploration and a pioneering spirit, apparently, they prevail in whatever challenges that may lie ahead and create extraordinary achievements . Working tirelessly and being advanced with the times, they have written the story of the development and progress of contemporary China with unprecedented diligence, courage and wisdom.  



Although tremendous and significant changes have been made over the last four decades, unwavering commitments shall continue making to the practice of patriotism.


To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the live broadcast series “My Heart of China” was created, which was jointly directed by the Beijing Municipal People's Government Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs , Beijing Overseas Chinese Merchants Association and Beijing time. The first episode was the exclusive interview of the president Chan Laiwa broadcast on April 9th ,2018 at 14:00 pm.  On the same day, Youku, Huajiao and other 11 network platforms synchronized push the program.


On the day of the live broadcast, not only the curator of the China Red Sandalwood Museum Madam Chan Laiwa presented on site, but also the renowned performer and artist Chiu Chunsui who played a critical role in the 86th edition of Pilgrimage to the west, the famous historian Yan Chongnian as well as the notable ancient architecture expert Liu Dake all together discussed and explored the past and present life of the old Beijing Inner Nine and Outer Sevencity gates models made by red sandalwood.







During the live broadcast period, many netizens left a touching message at the bottom of the page. We selected some to share with you particularly .


Beijing Time User8641: After watching the video, I just learned that there are so much cultural heritage and red sandalwood carving arts in China Red Sandalwood Museum, more importantly, it makes up for the regret of losing the old Beijing city gates and walls. I will definitely grab a time to visit the museum. Chair-lady Chan has worked tirelessly and spent a fortune on inheriting and spreading the traditional culture, which deserves every Chinese to learn. I believe that the state and the government should make more efforts to publicize their great achievements and make beneficial policies. I sincerely like this, Madam Chan and Mr. Chiu, you are the role model for every Chinese descendant.      


Sophie: It is indeed a magnificent project with precious material,  refined craftsmanship, as well as day and night efforts. In addition to being shocked, I was full of admiration. The patriotism and deep attachment to home of the elder generation were thoroughly reflected by Chair-lady Chan. I would pay tribute to Madam Chan, wish her a healthy and happy life.


User 175****0316: The charm of our greater China. Thanks so much for the commitments Madam Chan has made. It is so spectacular and marvelous that I truly hope that there will be more and more people could enjoy the unique beauty.


User 138****2267 : I really hope to see the sixteen city gates very soon.


User 138****7916 :A remarkable talent of many ages and a masterpiece of shock. It's always worth the respect of the world!


User 138****7916 :Sixteen gates, a city and a significant craftsman from a great country combined together to complete the old Beijing city dream.



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