“Old Beijing Desheng Gate Made of Red Sandalwood and Ebony” exhibited in the First China Beijing International Fine Art Fair
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“Old Beijing Desheng Gate Made of Red Sandalwood and Ebony” exhibited in the First China Beijing International Fine Art Fair



The guests that attend the First China Beijing International Fine Art Fair are taking a picture in front of the Desheng Gate made of red sandalwood and ebony


  China is admired by the world for its long traditional culture for thousands of years. However, it also suffered a lot once upon a time.


With the continuous development of Chinese economy, the will of people and the nation to revive the Chinese traditional culture is stronger and stronger. Admittedly, cultural renaissance is the core and essence of national rejuvenation for that a nation’s confidence results from its most glorious and most outstanding traditional culture.


The world has witnessed how glorious and profound the Chinese 5000 years traditional culture was.  


 In the east of the world, old Beijing—a city that once deepened in people’s memory, is recovered gradually in the hands of a group of great craftsmen. They recall of people’s lost memory of old Beijing by crafting the past time.


China Red Sandalwood Museum takes reviving Chinese traditional culture as its own duty and tries to recover the Old Beijing City Gate by traditional sandalwood carving artistry. As the curator Chan Laiwa says,” The past will eventually die, but I have a persistent pursuit of traditional culture. Perhaps, this is the best way to keep the city in memory and revive the traditional culture.”

“Red Sandalwood Carving Artistry” is not just Chinese traditional culture but also the national non-material heritage. Seeking the source of traditional artistry in the carving and then finding the city memories from the source of traditional artistry, this is a perfect combination of cultural revival and memories retaining.


We reminisce about the past by realizing cultural renaissance, and realize cultural renaissance by the sandalwood carving artistry.


 “Old Beijing Desheng Gate Made of Red Sandalwood and Ebony” in this exhibition is one of the old Beijing gates. Sophisticated design and fine workmanship are shown in each corner of the artwork. It not only thoroughly reflects the high level of red sandalwood carving artistry, but also reveals the modern carving inheritance’s broad mind and pursuit of reviving Chinese traditional culture, conveys the timeless beauty to the world ubiquitously.  


The Chinese and foreign visitors are watching the “Old Beijing Desheng Gate made of Red Sandalwood”



The old Beijing city is a masterpiece in the history of ancient human city. The image of “city” has become a spiritual support of the Chinese nation and a culture symbol of Chinese architecture. For the posterity to review the ancient style and feature of old Beijing city, China Red Sandalwood Museum curator Chan Laiwa selects almost one hundred skilled craftsmen from the China Red Sandalwood Museum production center, just to make a miniature landscape of old Beijing city gate. The whole material is rare red sandalwood and ebony. It is a permanently alive old Beijing city that combining red sandalwood carving artistry and ancient architectural art. It will be the first time to display the “Old Beijing Desheng Gate Made of Red Sandalwood and Ebony” in the First China Beijing International Fine Art Fair, in order to show the audiences the “Permanent Beauty” of Beijing City Gate. This “Desheng ” works not only containing the tower of Desheng Gate, but also recover the barbican and embrasured watchtower part according to the data. The size ratio of this “Desheng Gate” works and the actual construction is 1:10. And the wooden parts like Liangfang, Dougong and some wooden decorations are made of red sandalwood; masonry structures and tile surfaces are made of ebony; the door nails are made of brass with a golden surface; the Orgue is wrapped by brass sheet. Made by traditional manual carving artistry; fully accordance with the rules of ancient architecture; the ornamental design is sophisticated and accurate etc, and all these factors make the “Desheng Gate” miniature be a landscape with a collection of history, architecture, artistry and culture. It is a great artwork that perfectly reproduces the Old Beijing City Gate, meanwhile, witnesses the glory days of old Beijing city.

A cabinet made of red sandalwood with the carved pattern of dragon



This artwork is an imitation of the original cabinet in the Palace Museum, and the whole works is made of red sandalwood in great amount of feet with fastidious material. It’s an extremely treasure and ranks the top in the all the sandalwood furniture. There are two doors on both upside and downside of the cabinet, inlaying panel heart on each door with embossed cloud-dragons pattern, and each of the cloud dragons is stately with five claws. All the metal decorations on the artwork are gold-plating with carving dragon pattern including the cabinet legs. From the shape to material and carving pattern, each element shows the style of the middle Qing Dynasty.


 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, and the two countries, respectively are the representatives of eastern and western civilization. The First China Beijing International Fine Art Fair  will be held in Beijing Exhibition Centre from October 9, 2014 to October 12 in order to promote the international art exchanges between China and France. China Red Sandalwood Museum is honored to be invited to attend this Exhibition. We hope that the artwork “Old Beijing Desheng Gate Made of Red Sandalwood and Ebony” can recall the past memories of beautiful life and retain the permanent memories of a city. We believe that there will be brilliant sparkles between the concise eastern civilization and romantic western civilization in this exhibition.

Miss Chan Laiwa’s Portrait (oil painting)

Made by Liu Yuyi and Liu Haomei in 2005

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