Chi Chungsui is awarded the honorable title “Deyishuangxin Lifetime Achievement Award”
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Chi Chungsui is awarded the honorable title “Deyishuangxin Lifetime Achievement Award”



The 11st “Deyishuangxin Awards Ceremony” which is sponsored by China Artist Association is grandly held in Beijing on Feb 23. Mr. Chi Chungsui, Deputy Curator of China Red Sandalwood Museum and President of Beijing Red Sandalwood Culture Foundation, is awarded the honorable title “Deyishuangxin Lifetime Achievement Award”.


Mr. Chi Chungsui(third from right) is on the podium with part of the award winners, Ma Dehua(first from left), Zhang Jinlai(second from left), Zhang Jizhong(second from right)


Mr. Chi Chungsui is deeply influenced by Pecking Opera art in his childhood, and his popularity soars in his experience of educated youth, literature and art soldier and performance stage. He shows his performance talent in the TV series “Cardamom Flower” and “Night of Harbin” and then plays a series of roles in different TV series and films, such as “Romance of a Calligrapher”, “This is Not a Mistake”, “Golden Late Autumn”. However, what makes him reach his climax of acting career is his role of Tang Monk in “Journey to the West”, in which his wonderful acting skills conquer all the audiences. Besides, what is worth mentioning is “Jianzhen’s Voyage to Japan”, in which he plays Monk Jianzhen successfully. Some mainstream media such as China Daily, Guangming Daily praise this TV series “Dignified Image and Permanent Memories”.


Mr. Chi Chungsui chats with Zhang Jinlai


Mr. Chi Chungsui ardently loves traditional Chinese culture and devotes himself in developing red sandalwood culture. Meanwhile, he is always ready to do charity and public welfare undertakings, and invests heavily to the education undertakings of children in China’s poor rural areas. In addition, his humility and kindness to people help him win the respect of many people.



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Sponsoring by China Artist Association, the large public welfare activity Deyishuangxin begins in 2003, aiming at advocating noble moral conduct of artists and promoting the development of literature and art undertakings through the form of literature and art performance; cultivating a group of “Deyishuangxin Artist” examples according to the principle of morality-oriented, art-based, setting good examples and promoting healthy atmosphere; accelerating the new stars in literature and art fields to grow to influential cultural celebrities and prominent artists and create more excellent literary works; stimulating the children to set up correct outlooks on life and values and prepare to succeed the “Deyishuangxin” literature and art undertaking since their childhood.


This year’s appraisal of Deyishuangxin Awards is voted online by the public and evaluated by Judging Panel. Those who win this year’s “Deyishuangxin Lifetime Achievement Award” contain Zhang Jinlai, Ma Dehua, Wang Liping, Fu lin, Xu Huanshan, Zhang Jizhong, Chi Chungsui, Chen Duo, Huang Wanqiu, Siqin Gaowa, Lan Tianye. Meanwhile, Lv Wei, Zhang Fengyi, Zhang Lihui, Zhang Hongguang, Hou Yong and Cao Shijuan win the title of “Deyishuangxin Artist”.


Certificate of Prize


More than 3000 representatives attend the 11st Deyishuangxin Award Ceremony, including leaders of Central Committee of Party, the State Council, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture, the League Central Committee, China Federation of literary and Art Circles, Beijing Forces and teachers’ and students’ representatives all over the country, the minority areas (like Xinjiang and Tibet)students’ representatives in Beijing and some students’ representatives of migrant workers’ children.


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